smycze reklamowe-żakard               
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For this type of lanyards we use one-sided woven strap or two-sided woven strap made with the use of high-quality Italian yarns. We weave straps in 3 densities depending on how much the design is complicated. We try to choose colours which are closest to their Pantone originals. In a standard palette we have a choice of about 50 most popular colours.

colours of jacquard yarn used for the straps

smycze reklamowe-kolory

12mm, 14mm, 16mm, 20mm, 25mm, 33mm

7 - 21 days depending on the quantity

200 pieces

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Excellent choice of colours ! From now on we offer 58 colours of polyester tape for sceen print and as as base for jacquard. For quantities above 5000 pieces we'll dye the tape according to Pantone C colour chart !

Now you have a choice ! For your lanyardw we will use colourful plastic clips from the choice of 10 available colours. For the order of above 2000 pieces we'll dye clips to Pantone C colour.

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